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Blush Boutique’s Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Blush Boutique’s Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress should be the most magical, fun and exciting experience. After many years in the industry we feel we make this experience exactly that.

Whilst there is an enormous choice of dresses out there and an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made around organising your wedding.

Blush boutique houses a large variety of all shapes, style and fabrics to help reduce the amount of driving around you need to do from shop to shop, hours spent trawling Pinterest, designers’ website, bridal blogs and magazines.

1 – Choose a shop that houses a large variety of dresses and is established

2 – Check if the shop is certified by the Royal Bridal Associations’ free dress insurance

3 – Every single dress looks different once it’s on a person, be open to the choices. Take the plunge and try on your favourite versions of every shape in the shop

4 – Don’t fear fabrics, try them all on

5 – Trying on is the only way you will know if you truly love or hate them

6 – Opinions – only take 2-3 people who you truly value the opinion of. It’s confusing enough without other people’s input, so choose wisely for your first few trying on sessions. Once you have narrowed your choice down more and have a clearer path, take fresh eyes along to help make the final decision.

7 – Choose a shop that will look after you once you have bought the dress, check if they offer alternations, steaming, advice and the option to come back in and try it on if you have a wobble

8 – Choose the right shoes and underwear before your first fitting, make sure they are comfortable a well designed modern wedding dress will have a built in corset and the shop should have advised you should not wear a bra with these dresses

9 – Ensure you find out if alterations are chargeable or included in the cost (not many are). Check the person who will be altering your dress in any way is a bridal seamstress who has a long history in the industry, only a bridal expert will know how to make your dress perfect.

10 – Be able to trust the shop to send you away with you dress in perfect condition for your day.

Remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the first day of your new life married to the love of your life.

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