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To have or not to have, The Veil

To have or not to have, The Veil

Trying on a veil in-store is a moment. Just when you think your dress couldn’t get any better, sometimes a veil is the icing on the cake, often causing eyes to fill up in the room. In that moment, it’s suddenly real. You’re a bride.

Whilst the tradition of wearing a tier over the face is not as required any more, many brides still dream of the fairy-tale lift at the altar to reveal the bride to her groom.

A veil can be something to cover your face as you walk in, it can be positioned behind a tiara to drape elegantly across the shoulders and frame the bride’s face or the most popular way to wear a veil since 2015 has been at the back of the head, gripped above or under your stunning updo. Making your veil a part of your back rather than anything to do with the front profile, gives the wow factor when you walk past people and arrive at the altar.

This is even more effective with a full-length veil. Add some sparkle and we guarantee that arrival at the altar will leave all your guests behind you gasping at the beauty they have witnessed arriving in front of them.



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